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Posted by Jodi on April 28, 2005 at 11:49:22:

Last week my old home computer popped, crackled, smoked and died. It had been driving me crazy for months. In my frustration I threw it out to the nearest back alley dumpster on Commercial Drive. It was the next morning before I realized my big mistake. All my school assignments and irreplaceable family photos were still on the computerís hard drive. I was devastated when I realized I had just thrown away years of work. With faint hope, I taped a sign on the dumpster offering a cash reward for its return. I didnít expect to see my computer again. A week later I was thrilled and surprised to get a call from a young man named Jamie saying he found my computer. He mentioned he was unemployed. That afternoon, Jamie came by with my old computer. I was overjoyed. I handed Jamie the full cash reward but he refused to accept my money. He said he was from a small town in New Brunswick and his comment was that weíve all made mistakes. He told me heíd rather have me give the money go to one of his favorite charities; either the Union Gospel Mission or Childrenís Hospital. Jamie, thank you very much! You are an angel from New Brunswick. To anyone who has the opportunity to interview with Jamie, Iíll give him a solid reference for his honesty and integrity. Good Luck Jamie! I hope you will find a great job. May the kindness youíve shown me return to you!



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