Beckwoman: customer service??!

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Posted by Robin on February 04, 2007 at 18:03:29:

I went in to Beckwoman's and looked around for a bit. Had I known that I would recieve some of the worst customer service I've ever had, I would have never went in. I poked around for 10 or 15 minutes and decided on two shirts that I liked. I asked the woman what the price is, and she said $21.99 plus tax, so $25.00. I told her I'd take two. As she was taking them down from the rack, she told me that one of them would actually be $29.00 plus tax because it's a larger size. She asked if I wanted anything else, and I said I'd like to continue looking around for a bit. She took the shirts up front. I started thinking, and I realized that the two shirts would cost me almost $60.00! I am on student loans, and definitely can't afford that. So, I went up to the cash register and told her I'd only be taking the one shirt. Wow, did that woman ever become hostile quick! She started whining about how she had put "so much work" in to getting those shirts down from the rack, and how I was being unreasonable. I told her that I was a student, and just couldn't afford both of the shirts. Then she told me that the shirt (I had selected the cheaper one, that was originally $21.99 plus tax) was going to cost $24.99 plus tax, so $28.00. I told her that she had told me a different price before. Ripping my debit card out of my hand and swiping it, she told me that that was when I had selected two shirts. (I found this interesting, since I had only selected one shirt when she told me the original price) She threw my debit card at me, and gestured to the debit machine. (so I could enter my pin) At this point, I told her that I don't appreciate having my things thrown at me, and if she was going to be rude, I would take my business elsewhere. She snapped, "well if you would make up your mind.." at which point I walked out of the store. I was quite angry for the rest of the day. I love commercial drive, but you can be assured that I will never enter that store again. I can't believe that a merchant would risk losing business just because she has to put a shirt back on a rack. Sounds like poor business sense to me.

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